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Clothing Drive

Why not run a Socks/Undies Drive in your office, a Clothing Drive on a casual clothes day at school or perhaps celebrate a PJ Day at your preschool!


Clothed in Love is a community and there is nothing more special than a community getting behind a community.  The children and families we support are often in a season of challenge and this can be lonely at times.  Knowing there are a group of people who have come together to support you helps those who are gifted our packs to feel loved, cared for and valued. 


A Clothing Drive is a really easy way to give something back and cause ripples of kindness out into the Canterbury community.  Simply click on the link below and download all the relevant information to run your own event either in your workplace, school, preschool or basically any group!  There are folders to suit every plan and these include age appropriate templates for:


  • Posters

  • Letters to your community

  • ‘How to’ guide

  • Slideshow

  • Extra donation information


Please also get in touch when you are keen to run a drive or PJ Day and our team can support you however you may need.  We also offer visits and appreciation certificates during or after the event. 

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