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We gratefully accept children's clothing and shoes from prem up to older children

We are so pleased to be able to bless you with these clothes for your family

We adore our amazing volunteers, they are the backbone of Clothed in Love

From recognising a need in our community to becoming a registered charity

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Clothed in Love helps families in need by blessing them with free good quality preloved or new clothing for their children.

In all we do, in every step, the heart and hands who help with Clothed in Love carry joy and a love for blessing those who may need a little support in this season. 


Our packs are a gift to be given, never a handout.

Request a Pack

We are so pleased to be able to bless you with these clothes for your family. 

Please click below for more information and to request your pack.



Our amazing team of volunteers make Clothed in Love possible. We would love to hear from you if you're interested in volunteering in any of the following ways.

• Sorting & Packing

• Courier

• Washing

• Creative


Thank you for considering donating to Clothed in Love. We gratefully accept good quality pre-loved children's clothing and shoes, books and cash donations. 

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